The 5 Best Dating Tips I’ve Gotten From My Uber Drivers 

After many failed first dates, I've made it a point to vent to my Uber driver and ask for advice or their input on the dating scene today. I've had many enlightening conversations, and compiled some of the best dating tips I've received from my past Uber drivers. 1. Be Open-minded Remember the famous quote … Continue reading The 5 Best Dating Tips I’ve Gotten From My Uber Drivers 

Emotional Masturbation

I'm sure you all know what masturbating is in the physical sense, and good for you if you do it. What we all tend to do, male and female, is emotionally masturbate. Let me explain  what that is, and why you need to stop immediately... Men, are likely to do this very early on while … Continue reading Emotional Masturbation

Toodles Tinder

Last week I went on my final Tinder date. I wouldn't say this date was the worst I've ever been on, but it was the final straw. Here's how it went down: He picks me up from work and takes me to a trendy lounge in West Hollywood without a reservation. As we are both … Continue reading Toodles Tinder

“You’re Not Going to Think He’s Cute”

I was getting ready for a date at work a while ago, and my coworkers asked who I was going on a date with. I pulled out my phone and opened his Instagram profile and struggled to find a picture I liked of him to show them. I said, “You’re not going to think he’s … Continue reading “You’re Not Going to Think He’s Cute”

Do These Things Before You Sleep With Someone 

For some reason, hooking up with someone is less intimate than going on a date these days. To me, it doesn't make any sense. Would you go to El Salvador and drink their unfiltered water? No. So why would you have unprotected sex with someone you met on Tinder or at a bar? Whatever reasoning … Continue reading Do These Things Before You Sleep With Someone