The Law of Attraction 

I am a firm believer that what you put out into the universe, is what you’ll receive back. Believe it, speak it to existence, and act on it.

Ever notice when you replay a bad situation in your head that it never gets better, it simply just eats you up inside?

That’s because when you channel or focus your energy on negative situations and emotions, it will only exemplify the problem and the universe feeds off of those vibes.

All of our thoughts eventually become our reality.

When I was first introduced to this I was a bit skeptical. To be honest, it sounded like complete crap. How could I possibly cultivate all my wants and needs with my thoughts?

It’s important to start off small, such as believing you will find cash or you will make a new friend.

I started off by saying I will find a parking spot at my impacted university. For the first couple of months I would get so frustrated after driving an hour to get to school and then to be late to class every day because there was no parking!

So I told myself before I got in the car that I was going to find a parking spot. I would even talk on the phone with someone as I was getting closer to school, and tell them that I was going to find parking. Low and behold, instead of finding a spot in what usually took me 30 minutes, I found one in 5.

Some may call that luck or a coincidence, but for the remaining of the semester I had no problem finding parking.

At the end of the day, the only thing you can control is your thoughts. If you believe you will get a promotion at work, eventually you will. If you believe that your relationship is falling apart, eventually it will.

The key is to understand that you won’t get everything right away. You will eventually. You must practice controlling your thoughts and believing that what you desire is achievable. There are no restrictions, only yourself.

Tell yourself you’re going to have an amazing day. Believe that you will be loved unconditionally. And imagine that you are capable of enlightenment.

The world and your life is your blank canvas, and you can paint and re-paint any way you’d like to.

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