Love and Sex… Don’t Confuse the Two.

Love and sex are not the same thing. Sex is a form of communication, and we humans have a tendency to struggle with differentiating the values between sex and love.

When it comes to love… we seek exclusivity and commitment.

Whereas for sex, we seek variety and novelty.

Too often do I hear stories about women sleeping with men early on in the relationship in hopes that he will like her even more. If you simply want to hook up and are not looking to build a relationship, give it up all you want. But if you actually see potential with someone and want to grow together, I suggest you make them earn it.

A majority of the time when it comes to sex, men and women operate differently. Men need sex, it is a physical need and desire that has to be fulfilled. They think about it probably 50 times a day, whereas most women probably think about a fraction of that.

Men are born hunters… they like the chase, the competition, and satisfaction of winning. If they don’t have to work hard to get into your bed, then they don’t get as much satisfaction out it. Men will eventually get bored and move onto the next one and booty call you 3 weeks later when they’re horny. Look at it this way, would you rather watch a football game where both teams are almost tied in each quarter or would you rather watch a game of 41-7 by halftime?

I’ve had this conversation with many of my males friends, and they have all said that when a woman takes sex off the table, that will determine if the man is willing to invest in her. It’s a simple formula, take away sex and see if he puts in more effort. If he does, he’s worth your time. If he doesn’t, then that validates what he was only after.

It’s pretty evident that women are more emotional creatures than men, and this is why men and women have sex differently. Sex and love are not the same. The two put together can be something amazing, but that takes time. Love takes time.

So understand that sleeping with someone early on will most likely NOT make him love you more.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 8.43.31 PM.png

(a screenshot of my personal texts with friends related to this topic)


For further reading, check out this article I found:

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